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Rolfing is the bodywork that consists the manipulation of your body and an education for the body to be friend with the Gravity, not to fight against it. It is good for your health.

Usually, the Rolfer will do 10 sessions for your whole body. It is called the Basic 10-series. This is the process for you to be conscious and healthy to your body and surroundings.

Rolfers can do a single session, too. It means the session will be good for you at this moment.

If you want to know more about Rolfing, you can find it in the site of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute.
Here; DIRI


12000 yen / a session.
70~90 minutes / a session.

Office Hour : 7days / week, 10:00~22:00
By Appointment Only (see below)


The work room is at the Setagaya-ku, Shimokitazawa, TOKYO.
The station of my nearest is the Shimokitazawa-station, Keio-Inogashira-line or Odakyu-line.

Let me know if you want to know the precise location.


Ryoko Miyazaki (Advanced Rolfer, Physical therapist)

She has been the physical therapist since 2000, worked at the Rehabilitation department of a general hospital with people who had strokes, arthritis, injuries, etc.

Certified as a Rolfer in 2006 and as an advanced Rolfer in 2012. Since 2006, she works as Rolfer in Tokyo.

From her

I’m Ryoko Miyazaki.

First, about my English.
I’m not good at speaking English. I use a broken English on speaking and writing. But I am a survivor of the 5-weeks- advanced training held in the European Rolfing Association by my English in 2012. I think my English is progressing little by little. So we can communicate well.

Actually I have some clients who speak English.
We share some good things beyond words. So, we can continue the series or sessions.

Don’t hesitate to talk with me.

If you want to know more, let me know by the mail or phone.


mail :

cell phone: 090-5402-0412

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